The 12 hours of DISCO endurance race has quickely grown to be our bigest anual fundraising effort. in our first year we had 72 racers competing, in our 2nd year with a goal of 100 racers we wound up with 171!!! We are now gearing up for Salmon's 8th Annual Mountain Biking Endurance Race. Expect great trails, a new corse, new women's only categories, stunning views, amazing prizes, lots of live music, food, beer and as always, the foundation of this race a great cause! Thanks to all of your support, SIMBA through this race has been able to help YEP fundraise and leverage over $9000.00 into projects that bennifit local youth, local trails, and multiple use trail projects throughout the county.
2012 marked the first anual DISCO Endurance MTB race! SIMBA (Salmon Idaho Mountian Bike Association) was formed and teamed up with YEP to host the first ever endurance mountian bike race in Salmon Idaho. All the proceads from this event weere leveraged into a grant with the CHC Foundation to help the Y.E.P purchase a building to opperate out of and house our equipment. The building was home of the AGS store, a localy owned screne pringing and promotional business. YEP hirred and trained Amy Tonsmier and the Art Of Design Stuido was born! Today The Arto Of Design Stuido trains local youth to make and designs 100% of the promational items for the DISCO from posters, t-shirts, stickers, coozies, pint glasses and even web pages. Thank you AOD.
2013 Disco was a huge sucess!!! It actualy turned out to be the 6.5 hours of disco because that is all mother nature would allow for this year... After the rain finnaly stoped, a postponed start time of 10am was descided on by our USAC officials. A dedicated crew of local riders and YEP trai crew alumni scouted, alterd, flaged and litterly shoved bentonite clay off the corse as the race bugan. Good work guys! The multiple shot gun mass start sent racers off and onto a buff fast and smoth corse prime for racing, some of the best trail contitions ever! The rain kicked back up in the afternoon and the race was called at 6.5 hours. SIMBA was able to donate over $5500.00 to the YEP to be leveraged into a CHC foundation grant which will be used to purchase a cargo trailer fully stocked with trail tools. The trailer and tools will be available to local area trail groups for the puropose of completing local area MULTI-USE trail improvment projects. Thank you to all the racers and supporters for getting behind such a great cause, and thanks to SIMBA for your donation and your dedication to Salmon area trail's.
2014 Disco was a may have been the best event yet with a strong turnout and us getting our rain just before the event not during we enjoyed HERO dirt all day... Perhaps the most inspiring tale of Disco 14 was the battle of the Men Solo riders, the battle that is for 3rd place... AJ Linnell was the champion again in 2014 completing 17 laps at 11:20 hours, nearly an hour behind him was Ben Parssons with 16 laps comming in at 11:25 hours for 2nd, and 3rd was a battle for Cameron Lloyd to take comming in with 15 laps at 11:20 hours. In early 2015 superhuman AJ Linnell died in a plane crash near Challis Idaho, may he rest in peace, but his joyfull and down to earth demanor and spirit for riding and racing bikes live on forever. We are truley gratefull for AJ gracing us with his presence at the DISCO and for sharing his spirit with all whom he crossed paths with. Many times the top champions in any arena become full of them selves, cockey, and arrogant  and they loose their sole for the sport in the compititon taking place, this was not the case with AJ. So Rember AJ, and ride on!!!!!!
2015.... will it even happen??? Yes, and it was the best event yet, ya we always say that but it really was even with 100% chance for rain! NOAA had posted for over 10 days straight that there was between 100% and 90% chance for rain, but as it stood, what the course needed was rain. Our RD team knows how localized weather here can be, and we also know that the soils at Disco can take alot of moisture, for this event we got exactly what we needed. Nearly 20% of our registered riders either were a no-show on race day, or asked for refunds and it got a little spookie here to moving forward with the forecast looming in peoples minds, our decision was that we would not cancel the race due to a forecast, and we will stick to this in future events. After the 12th hour was up, there was no dust to settle, we had all been riding HERO DIRT all day long. Thunderstorms danced around us, sometimes sprinkled on us, and then skirted around the venue time after time and hour after hour...  a happy rider quoted "We may have just dodged a bullet here, but then we got to ride HERO DIRT all day!"


For more information on the next DISCO visit www.ridesalmon.com
We would also like to thank all of our bike industry and local sponsors, our racers from near and far, our local BLM, Lemhi County, and our Local Option Tax (LOT,) for funding and making this event possible. See you at the DISCO!!!

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