2L trails

"Because Trails Connect Us"

We are a collaborative effort bringing trail users and organizations with similar goals and objectives together to address the need of safe accesses to public lands and facilities.

Working on public lands administered by federal, state, county and city agencies we strive to bring funding, volunteers and work crews together to “get’r done".”

Since 2012, the 2L Trails Group has been working to preserve and improve access to public lands and the Salmon and Lemhi Rivers.

We envision a safe system of trails that connects communities and assures access to public lands and rivers for everyone.

Comprised of trails advocates, non-profit groups, federal land management agency staff, and concerned citizens, our group has worked collaboratively to establish a vision, goals and objectives for a regional trail network; explore funding opportunities; discuss potential stakeholder resources, issues and concerns; and maintain a plan of action.

Today, we are working together to provide all trail users with safe access to public lands, and promoting citizen involvement through stewardship of a comprehensive, people-powered trail system across jurisdictional boundaries.

Our group’s Adopt-a-Trail program is the next step - the shared stewardship piece of this larger vision, bringing a variety of user groups together to promote stewardship of the trails which our diverse community values the most.

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