Career Technical Education

All the work we do and experiences we have are directed toward advancement in personal growth. We originally did not call it Career Technical Education but we are embracing this wide reaching term.

Much of this has come out our involvement in a community program introduced by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Trust in 2017 that involved community youth in deciding what they wanted to learn.  Called Leveraging 5th Day the program used "design thinking" from industry to guide the project.  From that experience and input community partners found a wide gap in what is being taught and what the needs of the youth are. 

Cooking Club

The Salmon 5th Day group organized a cooking club to introduce Salmon youth to different foods and cooking techniques. Learning valuable life skills of being able to cook is important to this group of youth and they are excited to continue this club. YEP's role is to facilitate that learning by working with other partners to promote and grow this club.

Bike Club

Another branch of Salmon's 5th Day Program was a bike maintenance course. From that grew the development of a community pump track on property owned by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The bike shop owner continues to work with the youth and a community partner that provides bikes for deserving individuals during the Christmas holiday. 

Computer Club

YEP's partner business, The Art of Design Studio, has been working with FernWaters Public Charter School. FernWaters' 8th Grade students are learning the Adobe Creative Suite software, focusing on Photoshop and Illustrator. The group of 8th Graders are able to come to The Studio and print shirts and a project of choice that they worked on during the classes. Follow this link to our website to see what we do in this program.

Welding Club

YEP and  FernWaters Public Charter School have created a working relationship to provide students with an introduction to welding. Using equipment donated to YEP and other equipment purchased by the school a program to provide youth with an exploration into the career as a welder or just learning a new skill is being provided.  This innovative partnership between a school and a non-profit is bridging gaps in providing hands-on learning experiences that are not available within the local School District. The long term vision is to offer this experience to all Salmon youth. Donations of equipment have come from a wide range of industry employers/retailers within and outside of the community.