​The Youth Employment Program offers employment for our summer program to youths fourteen and older from May into September.  During the rest of the year we have weekend work projects, after-school work projects and community service projects.  Our typical summer crew consists of a crew leader and five to eight crew persons.
​​Our crew leaders have been previous crew members or college interns who want experience in resource projects. Crew members are young adults who are willing to learn and are physically able to do the job they are assigned.  Wages will vary based on individual job and experience.
Potential Positions.
​The season has come and gone, but before you know it we will be hiring again!
For more information about applying for a job with YEP:
Please visit the Idaho Department of Labor website http://labor.idaho.gov to access the latest YEP job openings.
For additional employment information you can click on the "YEP Personnel Manual" link or e-mail us.​

​​The Youth Employment Program is a non-profit organization that was originally formed to create jobs for the youth of Lemhi County.
​Over time our efforts have reached youth all throughout Idaho, and because of this our expenses are ever-rising.
If you have an interest in helping to better the youth of Idaho, please contact us. We are always seeking individuals willing to share their information and knowledge with our youth, as well as those who have the ability to certify our youth in such skills as CPR, first aid, and other useful life and work skills.

​Have a project for the Youth Employment Program?

We are always looking for work for our youth! E-mail us and we will work out a way to complete your project! 
The Youth Employment Program is capable of completing the following types of projects:
YEP can do just about any kind of fencing project from regular barb- wire to jack and rail or residential fence designs.
YEP has the technical resources to help design and create trails.  We also, can provide campground clean up and maintenance or your facility
​Forestry/Mine Reclamation
We can remove and stack brush and small trees for fireproofing residences or on larger acreages.  We also can remove hazard trees and re-plant trees to disturbed sites.  We have worked with several mines to accomplish reclamation work.
​Watershed/Stream Restoration
YEP can install small watershed structures like bank barbs or gabions on your stream, as well as planting willows and aspens to improve fisheries habitat and watershed health.
​Weed Inventory
YEP can inventory your property for noxious weeds, map and GPS them and produce a map.  We can help design a control strategy and monitor control success.
Range Analysis
We can provide analysis of your rangeland to determine relative condition and provide management options for improvement.  Also, YEP can analyze your riparian area and determine ecological condition and develop alternative recovery measures.
Variety of Office Jobs
We can provide office workers for basic bookkeeping, data entry, personnel, mail room.​

Youth Employment Program is always happy to accept donations...
The Youth Employment Program has been providing the youth of Central Idaho with first-time work experiences for the past twenty years. In that time, over 600 young men and women have been employed by our organization. A donation to the Youth Employment Program helps us to continue to provide opportunities to the youth of Central Idaho and the communities and agencies we serve.
Your donation helps YEP with:
Vehicles:  Driving just to a job site can be an experience on the remote and primitive roads we travel.  Our vehicles are used to their limits and maintenance and replacements are some of our biggest costs.
Tools:  The Youth Employment Program needs a variety of tools to complete our mission.  From chainsaws, Pulaski's and picmatic's, to post pounders and tamping bars, all have a place in our tool box, and are often in need of replacement.
Education:  Your donation helps us with training for our supervisors and crews. Whether it be chainsaw school, first aid/CPR, or plant identification classes, help us give our folks the best training available.

Thanks for donating to the Youth Employment Program!
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