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Our Projects

By working together with partner agencies, the Youth Employment Program is able to work on a variety of projects. This gives individuals access to a wide range of unique skill sets that not everyone is able to explore. Y.E.P. helps both degree and non degree seeking individuals further there knowledge of both recreation and conservation related topics. 

What Y.E.P. is currently working on

Small Stream Restoration


Through small stream restoration we are able to store water at higher elevations, which can be used later in the season. This storage of water can ensure that there is enough moisture circulating through various environments. Not only does this help to maintain the overall stability of an environment, but it can also help to lessen the threat and harm from naturally occurring disasters such as forest fires.

ZEEDYK for Wet Meadow Restoration 

One of the goals of our wet meadow projects involves armoring fragile habitats against degradation. By building ZDYK structures we can stabilize the flow of water and gradually change the course of the source of water over time. This allows for the improvement of naturally occurring vegetation as well as overall soil quality.

Rangeland Improvements

With the help of partner agencies like the U.S. Forest Service and B.L.M., Y.E.P. is able to improve the conditions of the local rangeland. One of the ways that this happens is by fixing and building new fencing structures,

Recreation Improvements

Y.E.P. works with local agencies to help improve the conditions of local campground and recreational sites. By improving some of the structures that are already in place at these various sites (i.e. fire rings / fire pits / trails), Y.E.P. helps to improve the standard and condition of the area.

Mapping and Research

A few of the mapping and research projects that Y.E.P. is able to be a part of include: Cheat grass monitoring, trail routes, conifer reduction, and species monitoring. 

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