• Forest Service

  • Idaho Fish and Game

  • BLM.

  • The Nature Conservancy

  • The Nancy Cummings Ranch/ University of Idaho

  • Salmon Hot Springs

  • Formation Capital

  • North Wind

  • Multiple private ranchers and land owners


All of the different fences we build have different spec’s and purposes, some keep cows in, some keep cows out, some are actually for birds, or for fish habitat and all take into consideration the wildlife that they are there to help protect. Many of the projects we work with the Forest Service or BLM have an intended purpose to protect something be it migratory bird habitat or spawning grounds for Salmon. These projects serve as a great conduit to teach our youth both work skills and ethic as well as why conservation is important and how some big picture conservation goals can be meet through boots on the ground efforts.

The fencing division of the Youth Employment Program will typically build anywhere from 10-20 miles of fence in a single work season. We build fence to any specification and have experience in Jack Fence, Post and Pole, Split Rail, Barbed Wire, Chain Link and custom privacy fencing.



  • Butcher Knife Ridge

  • Henderson Ridge

  • Grizzly Springs

  • Ax Park

  • Hughes Creek

  • Divide Trail

  • Twin Creek NHT

  • Sheep Eater Trail

  • McKim Creek

  • Rockey Creek

  • Big Timber Creek

Total Trail Miles cleared= 65

Total Miles Reconstructed= 16

Total Trees Cut Out= 424

Water Bars re-built= 45

Water Bars built= 28


South Zone SCNF 13-14

  • Beaver Creek Tail

  • Little Basin Creek

  • Antelope Creek

  • Iron Bog Trail

  • Cape Horn Ranger Station

Total Trail Miles cleared= 26

Total Miles Reconstructed= 12

Total Trees Cut Out= 145

Water Bars re-built= 10

Water Bars built= 16

To assist in the continuous fight against noxious weeds, The Youth Employment Program offers several types of weed control.

  • Opening trail for other WEED crews.

  • Hand pulling weeds 

  • Grubbing

  • Spraying

  • Re-seeding

The conservation of our great lands is important to Y.E.P. Living in small communities, we have a close relationship with the surrounding landscape.  We teach our young people to be Stewards of our backyards, and to respect nature. When we teach our youth to respect nature, they learn how to respect themselves as well.


  • Erosion control

  • Stream restoration

  • Environmental restoration

  • Mahogany recovery

  • White bark pine recovery

  • Fish and wildlife habitat 

  • Mine site reclamation

  • Bark beetle prevention

Range work is just one of the many projects that the Y.E.P. completes during the season.


  • Maintaining fences

  • Managing weeds

  • Range restoration

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