Chainsaws are part of all YEP work projects:


+Forest thinning                        +Fuels management

+Slash pile projects                    +Logging projects

+Trail maintenance                     +Trail building

+Fence tear out / reconstruction


There are always chainsaws in our trucks and a qualified sawyer on each crew.   Many of the projects that we do for the forest service require us to actually cut our way in and sometimes cut our way back out of the forest. With chainsaws being a big part of our work it is obvious how important saw training is to us.


Every Crew Bosses are Agency Certified Class "A" or "B" Fellers. These Crew Bosses are trained experts in chainsaw safety and maintenance. Every year we select sawyers to act as the Crew Bosses' right hand man. Each Sawyer has to be 18+ years old and work under the supervision of the Crew Boss, doing most of the cutting. We also make sure the younger workers learn first-hand the fundamentals of safe chainsaw handling and maintenance, for they may be promoted to Sawyer in the future. 



YEP is now a recognized Chainsaw Training organization to train USFS volunteers and other partner members.  This training includes:


In the Class Room-

*Situational awareness, Safety Considerations, and Attitude.

*Proper use of required PPE- Personal Protective Equipment.

*Reading and understanding of a Job Hazard Analysis.

*Understanding of Chainsaw components, maintenance requirements, and transportation.

*Hand sharpening and basic field maintenance.


In the Field-

*Chain Saw Operation, Starting, Handling.

*Understanding Reactive Forces, Safety Concerns, and Situational Awareness.

*Learning about Bucking, Limbing, Brushing, Slash management, and other basic felling practices.

*Knowing Size up, Escape Routes, and Determining Binding forces.


At the end of the Saw Training course our Sawyer’s are USDA certified and are ready to start practicing in the field.  All participants come away with the principals of safe chain saw handling.