Trails Training

YEP uses the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) standard of sustainable trail building as the foundation of our trails training.  We also utilize tips from the PTBA (Professional Trail Builders Association). We teach our youth to look for issues in current trails, understand the effects it has, and apply the correct methods to fix the problem. That may be corrected with Dip Drains, or Water Bars. It may be that the grade of the trail is to steep and needs to be re-routed to become sustainable.

Because we work on multi-use trails, we teach our crews the importance of clearing brush, down trees, and other debris.  Horseback riders need high and wide corridors for safe passage.  We take in consideration all approved travelers while working on the trails.



Trails Training includes:

  • Basic Trail Tools, correct use and safety protocol.

  • Understanding Erosion.

  • Identify hazards 

  • Trail Gradient

  • The use of a Clinometer.

  • Dip Drains, Water Bars and Grade Reversals.

  • Switchback and Climbing Turn Construction.

  • In slope and Out slope.

  • Brushing, limbing, and clearing.

  • Blazing, marking, and signing.


At the end of our trails training our crew members are ready to correctly construct, repair, and maintain trails to agency spec with the help of international trail standards. 




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