Trails Training

YEP is a member of the Salmon Challis Trails Group which is citizen advisory group for trails and public land access. As a hands-on working member our crews are working with volunteers to  learn the basics of trail work. Members of our staff are USFS certified as chain saw operators and YEP is a recognized training organization. 


Trails Training includes:

  • Basic Trail Tools, correct use and safety protocol.

  • Understanding Erosion.

  • Identify hazards 

  • Trail Gradient

  • The use of a Clinometer.

  • Dip Drains, Water Bars and Grade Reversals.

  • Switchback and Climbing Turn Construction.

  • In slope and Out slope.

  • Brushing, limbing, and clearing.

  • Blazing, marking, and signing.


At the end of our trails training our crew members and volunteers are ready to correctly construct, repair, and maintain trails to agency specifications.