Wild Love Preserve

wild love preserve.png

Wild Love Preserve (WLP) and the Youth Employment Program (YEP) partnered in 2014 to provide education, training, and job opportunities for Idaho youth.

Founded in 2010 by Andrea Maki, the mission of Wild Love Preserve is to protect and preserve western wild horses in their native habitats and nurture the legacy of respective indigenous ecosystems as an interconnected whole by bridging divides and working with stakeholders from all sides.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Wild Love Preserve is a legacy project that engages public and private lands to address all facets of regional wild horse populations on home turf, to include their innovative wild horse conservation program and conflict resolution, collaborative Native PZP-1YR fertility control program with the Idaho Bureau of Land Management, education platform, scientific research studies, comprehensive range health, and the creation of a permanently protected wildlife preserve in the heart of Idaho wild horse country to serve as permanent home to WLP’s current 136 Challis-Idaho wild horses and future wild horses removed from public lands in Idaho that are not otherwise adopted.

By design, WLP programs have brought new sources of revenue to the local community and saved taxpayers well over $7.5 million in a few short years. YEP is an integral partner in Wild Love Preserve’s range work and maintenance, habitat and vegetation monitoring, and collaborative wild horse management program on both public lands and WLP’s wildlife preserve on private lands.